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Having upgraded to Server 2012 r2, I miss the way it worked in Server 2008 Part 1

Terminal Services/Remote Desktop

We’ve upgraded our RDS servers to 2012 r2 and configured the licensing and everything works but clicking through the Server Manager and waiting for things to refresh takes too long. For the local server I could use the Task Manager to see who is logged on and what is happening but I miss that icon I had in Windows Server 2008 that just took me right where I wanted to go. So I went to Google to see if I could get it back.

I went to a Windows Server 2008 r2 and copied the following files from c:\windows\system32 to a network share:

  1. tsadmin.dll
  2. tsadmin.msc
  3. tsconfig.dll
  4. tsconfig.msc
  5. wts.dll

Again from the Server 2008 r2 machine, I launched regedit.exe and browsed to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MMC\SnapIns\]. I exported the following two keys to the network share:

  1. FX:{3FCE72B6-A31B-43ac-ADDA-120E1E56EB0F}
  2. FX:{80aaa290-abd9-9239-7a2d-cf4f67e42128}

Armed with the tools I needed, I logged into my Windows Server 2012 r2 RDS server and launched regedit.exe and exported my complete registry like a good sysadmin should. I copied the five files from the network share into the same directory on my 2012 r2 server and merged the two registry keys into my registry and I was set.

I can now type tsadmin.msc or tsconfig.msc on my Windows Server 2012 r2 Remote Desktop Session server and access the settings quickly like I used to! I even have shortcuts on my desktop in my profile again. I didn’t invent this solution and I’m sure MS doesn’t support it so use it at your own risk. Backups are always a good thing to have before you start on this journey!